The Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) is responsible for connecting Biliran Province State University (BiPSU) with the alumni of the University. The office's mission is to increase BiPSU graduates' involvement, engagement, and commitment to assisting the University in whatever efforts it undertakes. Furthermore, the office works to promote the general welfare of alumni, as well as provide seamless and proper coordination between alumni and University administration.

By founding the AAO in 1972 and with its continuous operation, BiPSU considers alumni as key players in the progress of the University. The AAO Office is under the direct supervision of Dr. Erwin G. Salvatierra, Vice President for Students and External Affairs.

Currently, the AAO is led by its Director, Mr. Edgar F. Benaldo, he was formally assigned at the helm of the office on July 16, 2021 through Special Order no. 63, s. 2021 from the Office of the University President.

In a year, the office has developed its quality objectives, which aims to form an alumni association and elect someone as representation of the whole BiPSU alumni community to the highest governing body of the University. Tracer Study, Employability Rate, and Summary of Information of Graduates were also among the studies undertaken by the office to track alumni and determine their current status.

Furthermore, AAO is continually developing new programs to satisfy the demands of an ever-changing alumni body in order to realize the office's mission of strengthening the relationship between the University and its alumni by ensuring that the University is in touch with the BiPSU graduates around the world.


To lead and inspire alumni and friends to support, promote the institution through fostering a lifelong relationships and connection with the University.


Build pride, loyalty and future sustainment among BiPSU Community through communication, involvement, engagement, and celebration.


  1. The BiPSU Alumni is committed to connect, engage and envolve alumni, in support of the University’s mission and goals;
  2. The alumni focuses on core activities in building relationship between alumni and the entire BiPSU community;
  3. Promoting a strong relationship between the alumni and the university;
  4. Strengthening bonds of fellowship and cooperation between alumni;
  5. Fostering the senses of loyalty among alumni towards their university.

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