Fifteen (15) faculty members and eighteen (18) students from the different schools/departments of Biliran Province State University participated the 5th International Social Business Summer Program (ISBSP), in partnership with the Daffodil International University in Bangladesh, which started last August 14.

Aimed at assessing the level of gender mainstreaming efforts of the university in its policies, procedures, and programs, the Biliran Province State University, through the Gender and Development Office, initiated the GAD Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) last August 6 and 9 via Zoom.

Amidst the challenges of the new normal in the delivery of instruction, the Biliran Province State University- School of Nursing and Health Sciences continues to weave worthiness as it produced 9 (nine) new licensed nurses.

With a passing rate of 73% for first-time takers, surpassing the national passing percentage of 64.65%, 9 graduates of BiPSU successfully made it during the 2021 Nursing Licensure Examination last July 3-4.

Among these new nurses from BiPSU are Adoptante, Michelle, Amen, Mela, Ampong, Brian John, Aringoy, Ruth, Avila, Princess Grace, Onio, Jerry, Opiniano, Alevir, Paghubasan, Veronica, and Tymico, Marycris.

"BiPSU's School of Nursing and Health Sciences performed exceptionally well on the 2021 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination (PNLE). The BSN Class of 2020 has undeniably proven its worth! Despite the postponement and challenges posed by the CoVid-19 pandemic, they remained resilient. They never doubted their ability to achieve their goals of becoming Licensed Nurse Practitioners through hard work and prayer," Dr. Jovy Dia R. Saniel, SNHS dean said in an interview.

She also expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the BiPSU administration and the faculty and staff of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences who never ceased in supporting and guiding graduates throughout most of their R.N. journey.

"The School of Nursing and Health Sciences will continue to provide high-quality nursing education to the University and Province of Biliran, exemplifying its successful nurse examinees," she added.

With his commendable performance and management prowess especially during the time of pandemic, Biliran Province State University (BiPSU) president, Dr. Victor C. Canezo, Jr, has been recognized internationally during the 2021 UNIFFIED International Virtual Summit held last July 17 as a recipient of the Outstanding Leadership in Education Award.

Themed “Empowering Educators for the Challenges of the 21st century”, the said summit aimed at recognizing leaders who have made a positive and notable differences during his/her career.

The United Federation of Fil-Am Educators (UNIFFIED) is the largest and nonprofit Filipino-American Educators Association, a multi-service organization based in the United State of America. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines, as an organization founded in March 2014 which aims to provide educators professional growth opportunities, render charitable services to communities that promote the welfare of the citizens.

In an interview with Mr. Ernesto Pamolarco Jr, member of UNIFFIED and a BiPSU alumnus, he mentioned that the president has been nominated for the said award in great consideration of his initiatives and invaluable service for the university.

“He well-deserved such recognition for his many accomplishments as an educator, particularly making BiPSU ranked 26th as one of the best State Universities in World in Crisis Management and one of the recipients of the Smart Campus. He has done so many things at BiPSU such as physical, academic and research development,” he added.

"While the future is uncertain, organizations should invest in mechanisms to help design and innovate boldly, but responsibly."

This is true for Biliran Province State University (BiPSU) as it hosted a Foresight and Futures-Thinking (FFT) training dubbed as ‘Leading from the Future: A Two-Day Strategic Foresight Masterclass’ participated by university executives and key leaders last July 12-13 via Zoom.

According to Mr. Joedel Peñaranda, Institutional Planning Officer and the lead organizer of the event, aside from providing a springboard for university officials toward greater understanding and eventual application of FFT in the institution, conducting the two-day masterclass will also prepare BiPSU in its creation of a FFT center in the region.

“This activity could also serve as preliminary preparations for an establishment of a Center for Strategic Foresight and Futures Studies in the region,” Peñaranda said.

During the training, participants undergone series of plenary sessions in: (1) What is and Why Futures Thinking?, (2) What is and Why Strategic  Foresight, Anticipatory Leadership and Governance?, (3) What is the Association of Professional Futurists Six Critical Steps to Building Anticipatory Leadership and Governance?, (4) Learning how to use powerful strategic foresight tools and methods, (5) Present and discuss strategic foresight case studies in university and food futures, and (6) Consolidate insights and determine the next steps for BiPSU’s futures thinking program and research agenda.

The masterclass convened three of the finest futurists in the country including the Lead Trainer Prof. Shermon Cruz who currently Chairs the Association of Professional Futurists, the largest professional foresight association in the world with a membership of 500 professional foresight practitioners and experts in over 50 countries and the Director and a Futurist at Center for Engaged Foresight (CEF).

During a coordination meeting with BiPSU last May 10, Professor Shermon O. Cruz, said that BiPSU’s collaboration with CEF in hosting a masterclass will help the institution in introducing, immersing, exposing and increasing the anticipatory knowledge among its Executive Leadership.

“This is curated to provide key leadership and key officials with the necessary working knowledge and insight to use futures as an asset, resource, and tool to change and transform today,” Prof. Cruz added.

Joining also the pool of futurist-trainers are Ms. Shiela R. Castillo, a Futures Learning Advisor at the CEF, and Mr. Emmanuela De Guia, a resident futurist at the Senate Committee on Sustainable Development Goals, Innovations, and Futures Thinking (SDGIFT).

On the other hand, Cabinet Secretary and co-chair of the Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) Karlo Alexei B. Nograles was also invited in the activity. In his audio-visual message, he encouraged the participants of the masterclass to ‘make the most of it’ as it will provide a great opportunity for intensive mentorship and leadership enhancement, advocacy sharpening and project creation to align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.


Sec. Nograles also mentioned that the masterclass is proof of the vital need to keep on learning, making time for learning from each other and exploring possibilities with the ultimate goal of serving the people for the better.

Meanwhile, in his message during the opening of the activity, University President Dr. Victor C. Cañezo, Jr. expressed his confidence on the positive outcome of the event, and said that it is relevant since BiPSU is preparing for the Institutional Strategic Planning for the fiscal year 2022.

“I’m confident that this 2-day masterclass will help us arm ourselves with the indispensable skills and information to navigate the future that awaits BiPSU,” Dr. Canezo added.

He also looked forward to more endeavors relative to future’s thinking, considering that university has been officially announced by Philippine Futures Thinking Society as an its Institutional Member, one among the seven (7) member institutions in the country.

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