NSU regains region’s greenest univ tilt

Endowed with scenic landmarks and myriad trees landscapes, one would be amused of the university as true steward of natural wonders.

For the second time, Naval State University was officially declared as the Eastern Visayas’ Eco-friendliest School while bagging major distinction including the Landbank, Nestle Water, and Meralco Energy Leadership awards last July 7.

“Among the State Universities and Colleges in Region 8, NSU was the only university who submitted an entry in the Regional Sustainable “Most Eco-Friendly” school search; Proving that NSU is maintaining its magnificent nature,” Mrs. Marriane Dagayloan, member of the ad-hoc committee, said in an interview.

With the cooperation and support of the College of Industrial Information and Communication Technology (CIICT), People who Understand and Love Science Enigma (PULSE), prime movers of the Eco-friendly Club (EFC), and the consultants from the different committees headed by the University President, according to Mrs. Dagayloan, the institution has sustained a well-organized, healthy and clean environment, thus, making this win possible.

NSU’s best practices

“NSU has been true in its mandate of protecting the environment and sustaining its eco-friendly atmosphere. This can be manifested in the different best practices that we employ in the school,” she cited.

Among these practices were the Pollution Prevention Program of the university that includes the “Beachurero”, a coastal clean-up drive of the College of Maritime Education (COME), strict implementation of the No-Smoking Policy , and Shoot Your Bottle project and the university’s annual conduct of tree-planting activities in various areas in the province pursuant to the National Greening Program.

“Policies are also implemented to help conserve resources and energy in the school, which is also a component in establishing an eco-friendly and sustainable school,” she explained.

Moreover, she urged that the students, faculties and staffs of the school should always participate in every environmental programs and practices to preserve the beauty and grandeur of the university.

“Discipline will always start within individual by making our own way of practice such as doing proper waste disposal and be well-informed and keep abreast in any environmental concerns and issues,” she added.

National challenge

Furthermore, the awarding ceremony will be held on November. As a result, NSU will be representing the region in the national screening.

“We are planning to have clean-up drive like output pollution control around the school premises and to mobilize the EFC to maintain our ecofriendly school to excel not just in the regional but as well as in the national level,” she ended.

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