Themed “SUC 8: Advancing Partnership for Sustainability through Sports,” this year’s SCUAA logo emphasizes on partnership and unity among the participating schools and celebrating the competitive yet colorful nature of this annual sports event. It clearly recognizes the significance of sports as a way of forging partnerships, cultivating camaraderie, and bringing people together regardless of differences. The tiger, representing the host university’s official mascot, symbolizes willpower, courage, and strength characterized by our student athletes in Eastern Visayas. It also exhibits the university’s braveness in the face of never-ending challenges and struggles it encounters. Unifying is the torch, which symbolizes sportsmanship as one of the core values of this event. It carries with it the flame of sportsmanship that represents the blazing aspiration and desire of the sports enthusiasts in achieving victory, excellence, and greatness. Its flame forms the number eight (8), our region, which magnifies a message of greatness in the region, that Region 8 is great. Moreover, the varied colors in the logo, representing the official colors of the eleven (11) participating State Universities and Colleges, also symbolize diversity and colorful culture of the people in Eastern Visayas, where despite these differences, SCUAA 8 becomes an avenue for different cultures to unite and celebrate diversity.

Logo Design | Mr. Bienvinido L. Balame
                    Mr. Randolph Garing
Logo Description | Ms. Jenny A. Genoguin

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Venue SCUAA 2019

Student Center
BiPSU Oval
Plan A: Naval Gym Plan B: Rose Marie Badminton Gym
Basketball Covered Court/BiPSU Gym
Brgy. Sabang
ULRC BiPSU Library
BiPSU Oval
Plan A: Capitol Plan B: Brgy. Agpangi
Student Center
BiPSU Lawn Tennis Court
Naval Central School
Plan A: BiPSU Oval Plan B: Brgy. Larazabal
Marienor Swimming Pool
Technology Bldg / Naval Gym
Student Center
Plan A: BiPSU Volleyball Court Plan B: Brgy. Atipolo
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