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BiPSU reinforces delivery of Psychosocial Support Services

As part of Biliran Province State University's unwavering commitment to human empowerment, the Office of the Guidance and Counseling Services, held a three-day hybrid seminar of Retooling of Guidance Coordinators for Psychosocial Support Services and Basic Coaching last March 9-11.

Spearheaded by the Guidance Services Chaiperson Mrs. Maria Corazon D. Napalit and the University Guidance Councilor Mrs. Jocelyn C. Caing, Guidance Coordinators of the different schools, newly recruited peer counselors, members of the faculty and staff, and other stakeholder participated in the said activity.

According to Mrs. Napalit, the activity aims to retool the delivery of the Psychosocial Support Services, acquire spotting techniques on students, provide activities and programs of the Guidance and Counseling Services Office, proper career coaching, and capacitate Peer Counselors.

"We also want to capacitate the School Guidance Coordinators in the conduct of career coaching to students who shift from one course to another or transfer from one school to another give awareness to students in reducing pervasive stereotyping of men and women in their capacity to take male/female dominated courses," she said.

Moreover, Mrs. Caing stressed the importance of being able to assist the students in their psychological needs especially in choosing a career to take.

"If a student is not clear yet as to what course to take, he will be shifting from one course to another; so, even if he shifted from one course to another, he can graduate from a particular course but that is not his chosen or the right course for him/her," Mrs. Caing added

Mr. Francis Ray D. Subong, MED, RGC, Training Consultant of the Philippine Guidance & Counseling Association, shared the importance of maintaining a healthy mind in his discussion, Understanding the Importance of Mental Health and Well-Being and Psychosocial Support.

Meantime, Mrs. Caing also mentioned that the University needs more peole who understands and who could relate to students.

"If more people know how to conduct psychosocial support service, of course, this will give great impacts especially in the giving of assistance, facilitations to students who need it. And if students are facilitated in their concerns, there will be a minimal stress, emotional stress on their part," Mrs. Caing said.

Moreover, on the second and third days of the seminar, the Career Coaching, Simulation, and Workshop of Psychosocial Support Services, as well as the presentation of results transpired.

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