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BiPSU conducts CSO consultation meeting and BPA Signing

Biliran Province State University organized a Sectoral and Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) Consultation Meeting and Budget Partnership Agreement (BPA) Signing, on February 28 at the Convergence room of BiPSU main Campus.

Spearheaded by Mr. Joedel O. Peñaranda, BiPSU's Director of the Institutional Planning Office (IPO), Engr. Jessie Cerera, Planning Assistant, and Architect Emman Ruel Bernil, the objective of the said meeting is to finalize and discuss the drafted university's six-year plans with the intention of informing the public about the activities taking place within BiPSU as well as how BiPSU uses its monetary funds and resources.

During the meeting, Mr. Peñaranda said that the consultation meeting is sectoral which explains why they had invited various representatives coming from different sectors such as the Gender and Development (GAD), Alumni, Faculty, students and other representatives from various Civil Society Organizations.

“Because we want to have different perspectives and diverse ideas that we will be able to use for the success of this meeting and budget signing,” he added.

Architect Bernil discussed the accomplished projects as of December 2022 and the on-going projects.

The completed projects amounting ₱181,334,000.00 include the Completion of the Renovation and Repair of the BIPSU Technology Building, Completion of BiPSU Automotive Laboratory Building, Construction of Three (3) Storey Academic and Research Building, Completion/Rehabilitation of the Multi-Purpose Building (Faculty and Employees' Academic and Wellness Center), Repair of BiPSU Main Campus Drainage, Completion of the Construction of the Five-Storey Graduate School and Administration Building, Provision of Higher Education Services.

The on-going projects amounting ₱87,500,000.00 include the Increase in Carrying Capacity of Nursing and Allied Health Programs and Completion of the Construction of Three-Storey Academic and Research Building (Biliran Campus).

Meanwhile, Engr. Cerera presented the proposed projects for fiscal year 2024.which include the Continuation of the Completion of the Construction of the Five-Storey Graduate School and Administration Building, Completion of Renovation and Repair of Academic Building (School of Nursing and Health Sciences), Renovation and Repair of Academic H-Building and Library Phase 1, Internal ICT Projects, Renovation and Repair of Science and Technology Building, and Construction of Concrete Road Network ( Biliran Campus).

The proposed project would amount to a total of ₱586,615,000.00.

“The impact of the meeting consultation and budgeting is that it would be community based and inclusive for all stakeholders so that no one is left behind, everyone is given the platform to open up their voices, their concerns and issues if they have”, Engr. Cerera said in an interview.

Moreover, Jeane Sanjorjo, a Transport Sector Representative thanked BiPSU for giving them a chance to participate in BiPSU’s budgeting and consulting the Civil Society Organization in the previous budgeting.

“I would like to congratulate BiPSU for their very good planning and impact in coming up with the very good and polished project,” he added.

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