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The BiPSU Guidance Services is concerned primarily on the personal development of every student learner, who will learn and grow potentials enhance his dignity and worth by helping him become self- analyzing, self-directing and self- realizing individual. The guidance program speaks to the inner growth and development of the learners. The principles that govern the operation and delivery of the program should convey the essence of asset building and development of the learners
The primary goal of the BiPSU Guidance and Counseling Services Office is to develop fully functioning well adjusted students who are trained on effective life skills and can make realistic educational and    career plans that will respond to the objectives and goals of BiPSU.

The Guidance and Counseling Services Office aim to:

  • Coordinate with different Schools in the conduct of different information dissemination activities such as information orientation program, symposium, and the conduct of relationship enhancement, personality development, recollection, leadership training, and career development sessions.
  • Administer the student assessment program and testing program of the    Guidance Services and determine student interest, abilities, aptitude and interpret the results for self-awareness and facilitate academic, social, and career vocational adjustment of students.
  • Monitor and give counseling sessions and increase student adjustments by conducting individual and group counseling sessions.
  • Conduct case conferences, interview students and parents to follow-up students’ problem of adjustments.
  • Monitor students’ performance by profiling student records and follow-up students’ adjustments counseling cases.
  • Promote personal, interpersonal, and leadership competencies.
  • Conduct random evaluation to all guidance services, programs, and activities and design activities to improve student adjustment.
  • Generate data relevant to on-going guidance operations as well as to instruction and management.


A competent, mature, productive and self-fulfilled student, imbued with moral, spiritual and social values who are educationally, professionally and socially prepared to assume their roles in society


The primary mission of the BiPSU Guidance and Counseling Services Office is to promote and support the success of a diverse population of students who will be trained on effective life skills, through the services and programs which will develop a fully functioning well-adjusted student.

Student Welfare Services

  • Information and Orientation Services
  • Guidance and Counseling Services
  • Career and Job Placement Services
  • Economic Enterprise Development

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As part of Biliran Province State University's unwavering commitment to human empowerment, the Office of the Guidance and Counseling Services, held a three-day hybrid seminar of Retooling of Guidance Coordinators for Psychosocial Support Services and Basic Coaching last March 9-11.

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