Student Development and Services Office

Student Development and Services Office

The Biliran Province State University through the Student Development and Services Office aims to provide adequate services in improving student’s skills, competencies, and aptitude in both academic and co-curricular experiences. Student Development, being one of the arms in this office, establishes, accredits, and registers Student Organizations which will capacitate students’ leadership skills in various disciplines.

Activities organized by the Student Organizations such as leadership training, feeding programs, academic competitions, projects exhibits, display of creative works and talents such as in music and the arts, journalism, debate, beauty pageants, sports and athletic meets, environmental-related initiatives, inter-faith programs, and many more puts BiPSU in the limelight in a multi-culturally diverse society while embodying the BiPSU core values of brilliance, innovation, progress, service, and unity across the country and in the world.

With their operations and accomplishment reports submitted in the office, the registered Student Organizations (see list below) becomes a pillar in the university in mounting the potentials of the students across disciplines and contributes to Biliran Province State University in whatever endeavor the institution emerge into.
STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS listed below are duly recognized / registered in this prestigious university the “BILIRAN PROVINCE STATE UNIVERSITY” for the School Year 2021-2022.
  • People Who Understand and Love Science Enigma (PULSE)
  • MAPEH Circle (MC)
  • Student Assistants Association (SAA)
  • League of Tourism Professionals (LPT)
  • Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)
  • Future Educators’ Circle (FEC)
  • Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Student Edition BiPSU Chapter (ICEPEP)
  • Chef Society Organization (CSO)
  • Estudios Sociales Sociedad (ESS)
  • Adventist Ministry in Colleges and University Students (AMiCUS)
  • Special Alliance of Future Educators (SAFE)
  • Youth of Iglesia Filipina Independiente Students Association (YIFISA)
  • Student Event Planners Association (SVPA)
  • Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (JPSME)
  • Junior Business Executive Circle (JBEC)
  • Computer Science Society (CSS)
  • Society of Information System (SIS)
  • Students Economic Circle (SEC)
  • D’ Organization of Language and Literature Students (D’OLLS)
  • Mathematics Enthusiast (Math-E)
  • Society of Criminology Officers (SOCO)
  • Alpha Kappa Rho (AKR)
  • Alpha Phi Omega Kappa Sigma Chapter (APOKSC)
  • Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Phil. Inc. (IIEEPI)
  • Future Educators’ for Young Children (FEYC)
  • Student’s Program in Lifting Initiatives Changing and Empowering Livelihood (SPLICE)
  • Society of Elementary Educators (SEED)
  • Nightingale’s Student Body Organization (NSBO)
  • Kapisanan ng mga Guro at Mag-aaral sa Filipino (KAGUMAFIL)
  • Criminology Enforcement Officer (CEO)
  • Communication Arts Guild (CAG)
  • College of Arts and Sciences Association of Student Organization (CASASO)
  • TRIBU Turismo (TT)
  • LATAGAW.tgo
  • Tertiary Education Subsidy Grantees (TES)
  • Ligue Des Mathematician -LHS
  • El Circulo de Historiadores (ELCIDEH)
  • ICHTHUS Youth Alive Student Movement (ICHTHUS)
  • CFC-YFL High School Based (CFC-YFL HSB)
  • CFC-YFL Campus Based (CFC-YFL CB)
  • Christian Brotherhood International (CBI)
  • SHEMA Youth Crusaders (SYC)
  • Adamas NU Omega (ANO)
  • Sigma Lambda Phi. (SLP)
  • Tau Gamma Phi/Sigma (TGPS)
  • Sigma Phi Zeta (ZOICS)
  • Supreme Student Council – Biliran Campus (SSC)
  • Vista Publication (VP)
  • Banay-Bilirananon Performing Arts-Bidlisiw Dance Troupe (BBPABDT)
  • Forestry Student Society (FSS)
  • Society of Agribusiness (SABS)
  • Association of Fishery Technology (AFT)
  • Agriculture Student Organization (AgriSO)
  • Society of Animal Science Enthusiast (SASE)
  • Future Educators and Entrepreneurs League (FEEL)
  • Guild Reform of Eco-Environmentalist for Noticeable-Change (G.R.E.E.N Change)
  • Organization of Animal Science Major (OASM)
  • Young Educators Society (YES)
  • Kagawaran ng mga Guro at Mag-aaral sa Filipino (KaGuMaFil)
  • Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines Incorporated)
  • Adamas Nu Omega Fraternity and Sorority (ANOFS)
  • Sigma Lambda Phi Fraternity and Sorority (SLPFS)
  • Tau Gamma PHI/Sigma Triskelion Grand Fraternity and Sorority (TGPSTGFS)
  • Alpha Kappa Rho-Biliran Campus (AKR)
  • Football Team (FT)
  • John Chapter 17 (JC17)
  • Youth for Christ(YFC)
  • BiPRU Student
  • Association of Economic Enterprise Development (AEED)
  • HUMANISTAKO Organization
  • Frisbiliran Ultimate Frisbee Team
  • La Circulo de Estudios Sociales
  • Kapisanan ng mga Makatang Pantas sa Filipino (KaMPDi)
  • Math Pirates
  • Student Empowerment in Nurturing Science Innovation

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