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BiPSU-SAS holds SASiyahan 2022

Showcasing BiPSUnistas’ globally-competitive skills and promoting student development, BiPSU School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) held the 2022 SASiyahan Days, June 30-July 1.

Themed "Tradition and Transformation: A celebration of BiPSU's Golden Years of Weaving of Worthiness," the 3-day event was participated by the different programs of SAS namely, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BAComm), and Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BAEcon).

A clash of strength, artistry, and talent between SAS students from various programs highlighted the celebration, including SAS Clash of Talents, Literary Competition, Sports Festival, Culmination on Gender Sensitivity and Morale Boosting, Research Pageant, and the Mr. and Ms. SAS 2022.

Dean of School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Annaliza B. Calles mentioned that apart from academic engagement, the said event will provide learning experiences for the students especially in cultural, social, and leadership learning.

“Aside from learning interaction within the virtual space for rules of the classrooms,” she said. “Let them recreate their creativity, showcase their talents through this cultural engagement.”

Furthermore, she stressed the significance of the celebration in developing students' growth and in achieving great education in connection with weaving of worthiness.

 “If the student doesn’t have a student development through different activities such as cultural, social and leadership engagements, the student will not grow academically,” she added.

Meanwhile, SASConnects 2022, an international webinar in partnership with the International Balkan University, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Philippine Information Agency-Biliran, and Landbank of the Philippines, also transpired during the SASiyahan days 2022.

As a Higher Education Institution (HEI), the activities prepared by each school is part of the months-long celebration of BiPSU's 50th Founding Anniversary in its weaving of worthiness.

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